A sustainable brand, only for those with fur!

When it comes to our four-legged friends, sustainability and care for the environment are just as important as for ourselves. That is why we have taken the initiative to make dog equipment more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Let's take a look at how we make it possible for you and your dog to go greener on your daily walks.


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a 'green' dog leash

One of the most important areas in production is our use of recyclable materials. Our dog leashes, for example, are made from small leftover pieces of rope that would otherwise have been thrown away. These small pieces of rope have been revived and turned into strong, durable dog leads. In this way, the amount of waste and the burden on our natural resources is reduced.

Limited stock

We take pride in reducing waste and overproduction. We produce our products in small quantities, which means we don't have large, overcrowded warehouses. This reduces both resource wastage and allows us to maintain a high quality standard for our products.
You will therefore find that our most popular products can sell out quickly.

A sustainable journey

We use recycled plastic to pack and ship our products in. This is an important step towards reducing plastic pollution and minimizing the need for new plastic production.
When you receive your Drews Dogwear order, you will notice that we go against the traditional trend of including various extras in the package. We refrain from sending unnecessary business cards or other unimportant packaging that is often simply thrown away.

However, we will not cheat you for a small thank you card, with an extra discount code on your next purchase!

Your dog is unique - we think the outfit should be too!

Collars and harnesses are important elements in a dog's wardrobe, and with us these are made from recycled cotton material and scraps that would otherwise have been thrown away. This use of recycled materials not only contributes to sustainability, but also ensures that your dog is stylish and comfortable on the walk, with a truly unique product!

Treat your best friend, environmentally friendly.

When you choose Drews Dogwear, you are making an active effort to support the green transition.

Your walk with your dog will not only be more stylish, but also responsible for our environment.
We have proven that it is possible to create quality products that take the planet into account without compromising on style and functionality.

So the next time you go for a walk with your best friend, you can feel good knowing that you've chosen dog gear that was created with consideration for our planet.

Shop sustainably with us and let your walks with your dog be a step in the right direction towards a greener future.